Richie grew up in Philadelphia, but spent a long time living in New York. Mostly it was with a New York lady. They broke up after about seven years. He sounded like her, and she looked like him. He is a graduate of Temple University like his idols Bill Cosby and David Brenner. 
     He’s been an opening act in Las Vegas for Frankie Valle, Jackie Mason, and many others. You may recognize Richie from being the #1 psychopath in the Eminem Real Slim Shady video. He’s also been seen in Ford, Baccardi, and Cricket commercials, while making numerous TV appearances throughout his career. 
     He once kissed Don Rickles on the head and shook hands with Frank Sinatra. He told Mister Sinatra he was getting into show business. Frank responded by saying,” man it’s a long business!" Richie believes those words have never rung truer.

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